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Hi everyone! This page is going to be a little different than the rest of my site. I haven't found any resources like this, and it feels managable and fun to create, so I'm going for it!
This page will be an archive of officially released Marron Cream plushies, these include things like phone straps or pillows... so long as they're made of fabric, full of stuffing, and officially licenced by Sanrio, it fits the criteria to exist here. This list is very incomplete, I will be working over time to add more. If you have info or corrections, please contact me and I will make corrections on this page accordingly.
Okay so let's get to it. Who is Marron Cream? Marron Cream is a Sanrio character first created in 1985. She is a little rabbit girl from france who wears cute poofy dresses, her birthday is on May 31st, and she is apparently very good at sewing!