Hourly comics day is February 1st of every year, and it's pretty self explanitory -- you just have to draw an autobiographical comic of every hour of your day!

I've participated in 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

This year I put more energy into the emotions I was trying to convey (/feel in the moment) than anything else, I hope it reads and is enjoyable! See you all next year!

12am and 1am for hourly comics day. panel 1: annabelle (the person who drew this, hi) sitting at her computer. theres a bubble saying quote i'm talking with my buddies unquote she's smiling and typing happily. panel 2: the bubble says quote talking shit about (a small portion of) gamers unquote and her expression has turned into a devious smile. 
2am hourly comics day 2023 by fridgefeet. panel 1: a drawing mimicking a screenshot of the game splatoon 3 for nintendo switch. a bubble explains quote playing splatoon 3. unquote panel 2: annabelle is on the couch with a controller in her hand playing the game, but she looks distraught and her nose is red and running. a bubble explains quote my nose hurts because ive been blowing it all day unquote and she thinks quote sorry teammates, i gotta pause to blow my nose in a second unquote nervously 3am & 4am hourly comics day 2023 by fridgefeet. annabelle sits at her computer drawing while frowning, her nose is still red. a bubble reads quote anxious about my sinuses while i draw these lol unquote 
5am hourly comics day 2023 by fridgefeet. annabelle is laying down in bed frowning looking at her ipad. you can see two messages she sent a friend reading quote I'n going ro sleeo unquote (intentionally typoed) and quote lol i mesnt i'm goinh to dleep unquote (intentionally typoed) she's thinking quote how do ipad kids do this? unquote and a bubble explains quote struggling to tell my buds good night because i suck at typing on an ipad unquote 
6am - 2pm hourly comics day. panel 1: annabelle sleeping. panel 2: annabelle smiling surrounded by two friendly cats. a bubble explains quote had a dream where i had a bunch of cats unquote panel 3: a happy cat with all black fur, except for the legs which are orange. annabelle says quote mom did you notice how this one has flaming hot cheeto kneesocks? unquote (referred to how the orange fur pattern looks like socks [& the color of flamingo hot cheetos packaging]). panel 4: annabelle's mom is pointing to a white cat and annabelle looks on surprised. annabelle's mom says quote this new guy is from new zealand unquote (referring to the cat) and annabelle responds quote how'd he get here then?! unquote panel 5: the white cat is walking on a shiny wood floor, he has snow on him that is melting. annabelle says quote oh no! he has snow on him! he's going to ruin our wood floors! unquote and theres a note that says quote we dont have wood floors irl unquote panel 6: annabelle wakes up to an alarm that says quote it's 2pm, bitch! unquote 3pm from hourly comics day 2023. annabelle is sitting on the couch playing animal crossing and laughing, while her mom smiles explaining a story. annabelle's mom says: quote so i'm like: is there something wrong with your phone? and he's like unquote (the text from here gets smaller to indicate the voice getting quieter/ a bad phone reception) quote no it should be fine what can i- unquote annabelle is laughing in response, and theres a bubble that explains quote my mom told me about a shitty experience paying a bill while i played animal crossing unquote 4 & 5pm hourly comics day 2023 (part 1). panel 1: annabelle in her winter gear, which is very bulky! a bubble explains quote going outside so i gotta put my winter gear on lol unquote panel 2: annabelle putting a package in an outdoor mail pick up box. the sun is shining bright. a bubble explains quote dropping off a return unquote and annabelle thinks quote the sun is so bright and hurting my eyes unquote panel 3: annabelle and her mom sit in the car. there is a bubble explaining quote getting curbside groceries unquote and in the rear view mirror you can see a grocery store employee, who is saying quote ok, i put your groceries in the trunk! unquote he's smiling and is bald. annabelle and her mom respond quote thank you! unquote with a smile. panel 4: annabelle and her mom in the car having left the grocery store. annabelle's mom says quote that  guy is like spongebob. he's like quote i'm bald and i'm proud! unquote annabelle replies quote i thought you were gonna say that scene where they argue if shaved is a haircut unquote and her mom replies quote his bald head looked cold unquote 
4 & 5pm hourly comics day 2023 (part 2). panel 1: annabelle is bringing the groceries inside. a bubble explains quote now i just gotta bring the groceries inside unquote panel 2: annabelle kicking a recycling bin in an attempt to move it, because its frozen to the ground. she's struggling a little. a bubble explains quote ... and take out the garbage unquote. panel 3: annabelle taking in more groceries, she's tired now. a bubble explains quote ...and get the rest of the groceries. unquote and her mom from inside the house says quote well on the bright side, you won't need to go to the gym today! unquote and annabelle responds quote yeah. unquote theres a note under the panel that says quote note: i have never gone to the gym before, thats the joke. unquote panel 4: annabelle cozy in bed watching a person do something on her ipad, with a bubble explaining quote recharging by watching things on my ipad in bed unquote 
6pm through 9pm for hourly comics day2023. panel 1: annabelle drawing at her computer with a neutral expression. a bubble explains quote drawing these unquote panel 2: annabelle's mom comes in to say hi, and annabelle turns to look at her. her mom says quote i was watching a movie with jennifer lopez but i took a break to watch the flintstones unquote while smiling. annabelle responds quote cool! unquote also smiling. panel 3: annabelle is back to drawing but is eating a bagel while she works. panel 4: annabelle continues drawing with a neutral expression. she is now drawing the comic page we are looking at to create an infinite mirror effect through the computer screen. 
10pm and 11pm for hourly comics day 2023. panel 1: annabelle's friend sends a message saying quote wanna splatoon? unquote and she responds quote i'd love to! unquote panel 2: now playing splatoon, annabelle sits at her couch. shes in a voice call with her friends as shown by her ipad sitting on the couch next to her. she thinks quote i love splatting people unquote and two splat icons are shown, she smiles innocently. panel3: the same as panel 2 but annabelle has an embarrassed expression and says quote oh sorry i didn't realize that one was you! unquote and one of the friends on voice call responds quote it's ok! unquote