Talking for a Long Time About

I graduated highschool in 2017, and one of the first things I associate with the memory of graduating is the game Chulip.

I'd listened to the soundtrack for a number of years at that point, and the game always seemed charming so I decided to watch a playthrough of it. At the time and still now, one of the few complete playthroughs is by a couple named Stephen and Mal (whom I've never watched outside of their Chulip series... full transparency) and I'd watched through it maybe twice in the leadup to my graduation ceremony.

I have one specific memory of getting my graduation photos taken, coming home and drawing while I listened to the episode covering Miss Zombie Mika's first few meetings. I at this point used Paint Tool Sai (which doesn't have an auto-save feature), and whipped up an entirely colored illustration, started sketching something else, and my computer crashed (it only rarely does that, and usually had much more warning). I hadn't saved at all. I don't think to this day — 5 years out from that happening, I've ever had as big of a loss of progress (or gotten as upset over loss of progress) as I did that day. Whenever I look at my graduation photos, I have that memory of the video skipping and I laughed because it sounded odd, and then my computer just completely black screening and it dawning on me how much I lost. It sounds like a bad memory, and sure I was upset then (I'd like to see those drawings still ironically) but the pains lessened over the years... especially since I use Clip Studio Paint now and it auto saves. It's more of a "wow haha, remember that?" neutral emotionally sort of memory for me now.

Anyways, you might be asking what Chulip is.
Released 2002 (but took a whole 5 years to be released in English in 2007... as a gamestop exclusive which is very funny to me) Chulip (stylized as Chu❤lip, which I think is cute so I'll type it like that) is a Ps2 game where you try and kiss everyone around with the goal being to impress the protagonist's crush. The game functions off of an in game clock, that has one hour pass with every real life minute, with different events occuring at different times in the day.

Most the game is spent attempting to be at the right place, at the right time. This could be making sure you're around when someone comes out from their home, or chewing gum exactly as the clock strikes five, depending on what part of the story you're working on at any given point.

The gameplay reminds me occasionally of Pikmin, specifically how I feel motivated to try and make my in-game day as productive as I can. And speaking of Pikmin, up until now the only games I'd 100%ed were Pikmin 2, and 3, with now Chu❤lip joining the list.

Like I've said, I was into Chu❤lip back in 2017, but I just this last month decided "hey I should rewatch that playthrough"... and so I did! It was again, nice to listen to while I drew, and thankfully this time I didn't lose and drawings or anything.

When I was done with it though, I wasn't fully satisfied. I'd bought Chu❤lip on my Ps3 (it's available on the PlayStation store for 10$ USD as a "Ps2 Classic", I highly recommend it!) back in 2017, but never completed playing it... now seemed like a good time!

An additional motivator for me deciding to play through the game is that I recently was gifted a HDMI capture device, so the prospect of recording my gameplay gave me the extra excuse of "Well this game isn't as DOCCUMENTED as I'd like it to be, I'm actually being PRODUCTIVE by playing this game, it's not only fun but also I'm HELPING some CAUSE!" as if that makes it altruistically understandable why I spent so much time playing it and not doing something "more productive".

I did end up putting my some of my footage up publically on YouTube, specifically these two.

On the Miss Zombie Mika one specifically, I've previously been saddened there weren't commentaryless video of her entire story. Her story is separate enough from the main one that it's easy to show friends who know little to nothing about Chu❤lip, so it felt odd no such video existed. Aside from that, I think her story is a triumph of good game design, she's allowed to have this somber and complicated story (side note, but unnerving content warning for her video. if you're unsure, maybe check her wiki page to see if anything sounds too gnarly for you before watching it. the game is ultimately a Teen rating, and it's nothing crazy, but I want people to make informed decisions on what media they consume) in a game that otherwise is pretty shallow and silly.

There's nothing wrong with being silly (that's what's so appealing to me about the game in the first place), there's nothing wrong with being shallow (I say this in regards to the larger story just being "win the girl!"), but the game being able to have multiple tones is something worth analyzing, and is just like... really fascinating to me in general. It's a hard line and whether or not you agree with my assessment of it being pulled off well is only something people can come to the conclusion of if they're able to see, or play through her story, and without a video showing it in a easy to digest way, that conversation was less accessible. I'm not trying to pat my own ass for this, as much as say: 'man I wish someone else had uploaded it back in 2017 when I tried to explain this all to a few of my friends, only to realize my options were sparse' and that I hope someone like me is able to make good use out of the upload now that it's here. As they say, be the change that you want to see in the world (even if it's something small or silly like uploading a video of something from a video game).

Aside from mentioning these two uploads, I want to encourage: Hey! If you've ever been interested in Chu❤lip before now, or if anything that I've said makes you interested in it, you should watch, or look up some content about it, it's very fun! The soundtrack is amazing, I LOVE the environments, and the game is such a perfect example of absurdist humor that it keeps me laughing as I play. It's such a charming game through and through.

With that out of the way, I'd like to share some advice for anyone playing. The walkthroughs/guides available right now, while good, don't mention certain things I find important. Hopefully these points will be of help to someone.

ADVICE #1: While doing Dr. Dandy's story, most guides mention the trash bin at Worldly Desire Temple containing frogs (which like, it does! Just not many!), but this one in Long Life Town right by Julie's chicken coup actually contains more frogs, and is obviously closer by, and more frugal moneywise since you don't need a train ticket.
And speaking of Dr. Dandy's story, the trash bin across the street (at the park) also contains cicadas (in addition to the trash bin by Batayan's and the bridge having them obviously). I had a hard time finding the right cicada until I found this out.

ADVICE #2: I was dreading the difficulty of Funny Bone Factory after watching Stephen and Mal's playthrough, but I found the section to be very easy and fun! So here's a mini list of tips on making this section fun and easy.

A) If you're trying to kiss all the underground residence, kiss all of them BEFORE obtaining the president card. From what I can tell, the workers won't tell you about a lazy guard after you've completed that section, which makes doing so unnecessarily difficult and frustrating.

B) The people who warn you about lazy guards to me were always the same two workers.
In the first area you visit during the tour (currently being built factory), it was always this guy who "manages the concrete bag section" and is rummaging through some concrete bags.
In the last area you visit during the tour ("a new site for a new factory"), it was always this guy walking along the fence in the top left corner.
I didn't get told about lazy guards in any of the other areas, or by any workers other than the two shown above during my playthrough.

C) Jigsaw isn't that hard actually. Just pick up his pieces until you pick up one that has this icon in your inventory, this is the correct piece!:
(You can see at 53:13 of the "ALL Underground Residence Showcase" I uploaded my first attempt at Jigsaw... I was shocked it was as easy as it was. Maybe I got lucky? Or maybe my expectations out of proportion on how difficult it would be.)

D) Here's a video on how to do the Funny Bone Exercise correctly!

(By the way, I think it's cute how the motions they do coinside with the button you press, with the exercise coinsiding with pressing X (for example) having them cross their arms in front of their chest, making a sort of "x" shape etc.)

ADVICE #3: On Mrs. Plum's (/Mr. Fill's) story, I didn't get the correct thing in the newspaper until after I had gotten all of the letter set back. I don't know if that's how it always is, or just something that happened in my own run, but I sure wish the current walkthrough's mentioned that.

This isn't advice as much as something cute I mentioned that I didn't know where else to put, but when you haven't inputted anything on the controller for a bit, the protagonist will sit on the ground (think like Sonic tapping his foot). This is normal and very noticable as soon as you play the game, but what I haven't seen anyone noting is that if you press the shoulder buttons while he's sitting down, he'll make a little "hum" sound. It doesn't work if he's standing up normally, and for whatever reason the L2 shoulder button makes him make a higher pitched hum than the other buttons.

Oh and, the last thing. I noticed an odd glitch/error while playing, and I haven't found anyone mentioning it, so I'd like to put it here.
Mr. Junichi Saito, one of the teachers (the one who looks like a barrel and is at Funny Bone Factory) at the beginning of the game, and at the end has a unique voice — but when you talk to him while at Funny Bone Factory.... he instead has the voice any of the workers have.

Here's a comparison video I made to show what I mean:

The weirdest part to me is that as it turns out, the Japanese version doesn't have this glitch. The video I'm linking does have commentary over it, but you can hear that the voice is the same as is in the beginning and end of the game, and isn't the workers voice that we hear in the English release.

Thank you for reading this far if you have, it means a lot!

Words to live by.