I've had this idea knocking around my brain for years, but I don't know what to call it.
I was watching some Five Night's at Freddy's retrospective videos (why yes I am not dating anybody, how could you tell?) and a tedtalk by J.J. Abrams was mentioned to illustrate a point — and by the description the retrospective gave, I thought it would be a perfect antonym for what I've been thinking about!

The impression I got was that the assertion of the tedtalk would be "create mysteries without having closure in mind, and maybe never solve mysteries because mysteries are more fufilling than any conclusion could be"... and there's hints of that!! But the message also goes into "damn it's 2008! we all have computers now and can make things in our houses — isn't that crazy??" so it's not the exact paralel I was hoping it'd be.

Either way, I'm still going to be calling my concept that I've been hung up on the "Anti Mystery Box" for simplicity.

The concept is pretty simple all things considered.
I believe in some way, "consumers" of media/stories/art can intrinsically sense things as long as the creator had it in mind. Just like "get a vibe" y'know?

In some ways it's obvious — like of course someone is going to sense a artist cared more about a piece if it's more detailed than their other work.