Hello anybody who might be reading this! (probably no-one, right?)

This site was made to be my sort of ""portfolio site"" -- a place for all the works I'm most proud of. Because like most artists -- certain pieces I end up being more proud of than others, and social media will always favor what is most recent and not what I'm most proud of. It makes sense with the format, but that discouraged me from sharing things I wasn't super proud of because it'd mean pushing the things I WAS super proud of further down the feed -- further out of reach -- further into oblivion.
Anyways -- with that said. If you're reading this it means you've been on (and are currently on) said portfolio site I ended up making! I'm very happy with it :D!

I explain all this to say, while keeping this site a portfolio site -- I'm also going to be making blog/journal entries like this when I have enough to say!
These will consist of random thoughts and things.... think deviantart style journal entries. I really miss those -- I wish the artists I admired now would write longer form journal entries like existed then.

With the explanation out of the way, from here it'll be more like what all the other entries will be.

So, hey! I love Animal Crossing!
I don't think it's too obvious unless you know me? I've posted some fanworks to do with it, but it's not a crazy amount.
Either way, I have 870+ hours in New Horizons and it's only been out since March. I polled my friends on my private twitter account if they thought I'd exceed 1000 hours before the end of the year, and these were the results:

With less than a month now to go though, I wonder what it'll be!
Anyways, I'm writing this the night of the 11th, so since it's after midnight it's TECHNICALLY the 12th -- I say that to say that today was the first day there was snow stuck to the ground of my island. It looks so beautiful. The team really knocked it out of the park with the way it looks.
I haven't updated my dream address since it snowed, but I will be in the morning. If you wanna check out my island the code is:


The nintendo app tells me I've had 18 visitors, but I don't know who they are or what they thought! I wish I could talk to them about it

It's mid December, so today my mom in the passenger seat today was like "Christmas is getting close, huh?" while we stared out the window at the houses lined with lights. And yeah I guess it is getting close! But I know Hanukkah is going on like RIGHT NOW so Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate it! :D

THIS IS GONNA SOUND ODD but one of the main thoughts I have going into this Christmas is that it's the tenth anniversary of Panty and Stocking's finale.

It's memorable to me because I was 11 at the time, I definitely was too young to be watching it (maybe it explains a lot about who I've become) and it was the first year I started drawing seriously. I had a deviantart account, and had some nice online friends (some of whom I still talk to today!) and Panty and Stocking was a big thing in my circles -- the art style ripped and people were into that edgy shit it was all about.

The writing went over my head at the time -- but I had a thing for goth girl characters, so I liked Stocking (ironically as much as I still adore her design today -- she's like my least favorite now... no disrespect to Stocking lovers though), and I loved the artstyle and music.

I don't know what torrenting was like at that time since I wasn't that level of tech savvy -- but I just remember waiting for things to be uploaded to YouTube. I remember knowing it was airing on Christmas in Japan -- and I think the very end of the last episode got put onto YouTube.... but that was it! Nowadays it'd be everywhere as soon as it aired. Wild how much that changed in ten years -- which all things considered is not a long period of time.

If I have the energy -- I'd love to do a tenth anniversary piece to commemorate it.... but I have a lot of other things on my plate. So whether or not I'd finish it is yet to be seen. Either way -- I know I'll be listening to the soundtrack -- or pop in the blu-ray I bought at my local dying mall's FYE store two years ago.