Yorkie Corder Reference

Finished June 2022. Made using Clip Studio Paint.

Since I've already discussed Yorkie as a character in other places (see link below ;)) I'll take the opportunity to instead talk about my thoughts going into designing her.

I originally made her when I was 11, and my idea going into making her was just everything I found cool at the time. Her bangs covering one of her eyes was the idea of cool to me at that age, and I had seen some plaid boots at a shoe store before and thought they looked soooo fashionable. Hillariously, I named her Yorkie because I liked Yorshire Terriers a lot at the time.

Fast forwarding to 2019 when I revamped her design though, I obviously decided to keep a lot of these traits. In honor of how I had designed her initially, I added a lot of things I thought were cool (tattoos, leather jackets, lots of earrings, etc). Otherwise I just styled what she already had in a way I thought was cute or fun. I enjoyed bringing her pink and white stripes down onto some thigh highs, and changing out her plaid boots for some shoes I now think are fashionable (which in this case are New Rocks). Since I can draw more than one body-type now, I had to decide on that, and I landed on this curvy look. You can't see it in the outdated references to the right (because they're drawn in a chibi style), but often when I was younger and would draw Yorkie she would have big boobs. Supposedly this is common with puberty age kids, after all you're very aware of boobs existing around that time. Since I didn't have much else to work off, I decided to make that something identifiable about her body shape. I enjoy drawing her tummy.

Speaking to where her fashion sense has landed in general, when I'm making outfits for Yorkie I often think about a balance of (traditionally) ""masculine"" and ""feminine"" traits. She'll often wear very shapeless tshirts (which are understandably neutral) or things vaguely punk adjacent (mirroring her adjacency to Bolton and the band). Her favorite color is pink, and when she's putting in an effort to dress up she likes dabbling in hyperfeminine fashion, but it always has a twinge of noncomformity to it.

A digital illustration character reference sheet. The characters name is Yorkie, she uses she/her pronouns, and is born June 1996. She's shown in four outfits. And all of them, she has a pale skin, and brown hair. Her hair is extremely long going all the way down to her ankles, and her bangs cover her right eye. Her left eye (the one typically seen) is green, while the eye that's under her bangs typical he is a light lavendar color. she's slightly chubby, with big boobs. The outfit on the left is her in her undergarments (not in a sexualized way, just to show how her bodytype looks) she has pink boxers, and a gray sports bra. She also has some visible tattoos, including one on her left forearm that says quote Bolton unquote in a heart, one across her collarbone that says quote I love women unquote, and one of a woman on her right bicep. To the right of that, she's wearing an outfit where her hair is pulled up into a ponytail, she has a pink and white vertical striped tube top, A black leather jacket, denim daisy dukes, pink and white striped thigh highs, and black new rock shoes. To the right of that is a roller skating outfit, where she wears pink aviator mirrored sunglasses, her hair up in a bun, knee and elbow pads that have smiley face is on them, a very old tattered pink shirt, the same daisy dukes, and pink rollerskates. The outfit on the right is her with her hair down, A band tee that's black with red writing that says quote titty pimple unquote, a heart locket, and jeans that have holes in the knees. She's wearing the same new rock shoes is in the second outfit. And is also wearing a green wristband. To the right of that, we see that she has knuckle tattoos that say quote rink rat unquote, and that her leather jacket has a back patch of the same smiley face that her kneepads and elbow pads have.

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Finished June 2021. Made using Clip Studio Paint.

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