Finished Spring 2018. Original drawing made using Paint Tool Sai. Printed onto 100% Cotton t-shirts, using screenprinting (Jacquard Photo Emulsion, Speedball Fabric ink).

From 2016 to 2019 my big interest was the series that I wanted to make as a web comic called the Time Signature. It was the thing that kick started me prioritizing my own original art over fan works.

I never ended up making the web comic, but who knows maybe I will in the future! In the meantime, here's a T-shirt design that I made in those years for my friends and myself. It's the only time I've ever screen printed something, and I definitely love to do it more in the future. It's really fun having the whole process in your own hands. I also just like the texture of it!

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an illustration of three characters. The character on the left is very tall, and he's doing a peace sign held high and had a really big smile. He's wearing a backwards baseball cap, and has his long hair in a ponytail. He's wearing a T and jeans with converse. The character in the middle is slightly shorter than him, and has Afro textured hair pulled back into a puff. She's wearing glasses and is also doing a peace sign but is held at about chest tight, she's also smiling very wide. She has a T-shirt on that says quote use your brain unquote, and jeans that are distressed with smiley face decals on them. She's also wearing combat boots. The character on the right is also doing a peace sign but has it held low, he's wearing headphones, and has short hair. He's wearing a hoodie that says quote edge edge unquote jeans, and plain tennis shoes.

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Photo from a disposable camera of me heatsetting the ink on the T-shirts with a hairdryer while I listen to music., the web is yours! Made with love This site is not indended for children This is an Anti-NFT, and Anti-AI Art site!

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