Finished January 2021. Made using Krita, and Paint Tool Sai.

Yorkie is meant to be a roller skater, which is a trait that I gave her because I really liked rollerskating as a young kid. I really love watching people rollerskate to this day, and have loved series such as Jet Set Radio. I feel as though I've worked the fact Bolton is a bass player into art pieces more often, meanwhile Yorkie's rollerskating is something I'd like to integrate more often.

January 2021 I was feeling nostalgic and gave the (of all things) Bratz Babies soundtrack a listen... and uh two songs ended up really holding up (specifically the songs Catch Me If You Can, and Ready or Not... im not joking they genuinely rip). For whatever reason, that inspired me to do a simple animation of Yorkie in her rollerskates, dancing!

A short animation that loops and is done digitally of a girl pacing and plays on her rollerskates. She's pale with brown hair, is wearing a pink and white helmet, a matching pink and white tank top, black shorts, pink thigh highs, rollerblades that are black and pink, and elbow and knee pads that have smiley face is on them. she's smiling slightly off to the left as if she's proud of her skating skills.

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a gif showing the creation of the animation, from black and white lines, to colors, to adding a background., the web is yours! Made with love This site is not indended for children This is an Anti-NFT, and Anti-AI Art site!

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