Sharla Reference

Finished May 2021. Made using Procreate.

I had made Miracle and needed someone to be her roommate. The whole premise hinged on her having a foil, Miracle is excited and poetic in her love for the world, so I needed a character that's a foil in a fun way. What I ended up on became Sharla, she's not a foil in that she's depressive or dower, she's her foil in that she's used to it all.

She used to be into parties, she used to be into dating, but now she'd rather stay home petting her cat, looking at hot girls on social media.

Sharla's look is inspired by a lot of the fashion dolls I had as a kid, a little bit of Bratz in her makeup and face, and I'll often draw on it for outfit inspiration (See: her outfit on the right in this piece having that fur coat which was inspired by MyScene Masquerade Madness Barbie's outfit).

In any case though, Miracle is her roommate (who is an angel) and the story I envision for them is just them slowly falling in love while wacky fish out of water type stories ensue.

I don't intend to make anything with Sharla and Miracle "long-term" (i.e. I just like thinking of them occasionally but have no plans to persue making an actual comic or consumable form of media with them, I just draw illustrations for them from time to time).

For more of Sharla, see also:

a character reference sheet for a character named sharla. she's 29, and is shown in 3 outfits. in all of them, she has pale skin and dark brown eyes, small eyebrows, and unnaturally dyed hair (that changes in each of the three) and has dark brown roots that have grown in. her hair is short, with straight across bangs, and shaved sidecuts. she has black nailpolish on her short nails. from left to right, on the left she's shown in her underwear (not in a sexualized way, just to show what her bodytype looks like) which is a black satin bra, and thong, along with sheer black thigh highs and black garterbelt. in this one, her hair is dyed green. in the middle, she's wearing a black croptop that has holes from being old, that says quote overtime unquote in red text. she has black lipstick, and black circle statement earrings. you can see the straps of her thong coming out from her low waisted gray, purple, and green leggings, and she has chunky black new rock boots on. her hair is dyed blue in this one. to the right, she has darker eyeshadow, but the same black lipstick. she has statement earrings of little doll heads. she has a green strapless minidress on, with a purple fuzzy faux fur jacket on top, with fishnet tights and the same newrock boots.

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