Dancing! Dancing!

Finished July 2018. Made using Krita, and Paint Tool Sai.

From 2016 to 2019 my big interest was the series that I wanted to make as a web comic called the Time Signature. It was the thing that kick started me prioritizing my own original art over fan works.

I never ended up making the web comic, but who knows maybe I will in the future! In the meantime, in 2018 I decided to do a little parody of Ievan Polka from Hatsune Miku with the Time Signature characters. It was obviously just for fun, and instead of doing the typical action of a leak spin/swinging it up and down, I decided to do little looping dance animations instead, and have them posing at the very end to signify a switch to the next character.

I'm most proud of the animations I made of this character. She's a scientist and one of her lesser known accolades is training rats. I thought it would be cute to include her rats in this animation, because I think rats are cute!

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an animation of a girl smiling and picking up some pet rats. she has a yellow and pink afro, and dark brown skin. she wears circular glasses, and has a gray shirt that says quote robot reality unquote on it, with red and white shorts and white thigh high socks that have holes in the knees.

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