"Draw in a Mutuals style"

Finished March 2021. Made using Clip Studio Paint.

I'd been seeing this thing on social media for a while where artists would attempt to draw in the art style of their peers. I thought this would be a really fun way for me to learn how my friends, or other artists draw! I put out a post like "Hey if you'd be comfortable with me trying to mimmick your artstyle, respond to this!" And as luck would have it, everybody who responded interested was a friend or acquaintance of mine already.

I had a really fun time trying out everybody's style, because everybody here has a different style to my own. Obviously I'd never be able to 100% do peoples art justice, an art style isn't just the visual way that it looks, it's also the way that the person holds their pen, it's also the way that the person has learned anatomy and processes it in their head, it's all of these intricacies that I could never represent fully. But! I had a lot of fun with it. I also think that you should check all these artists out, their handles are clearly visible (and linkable below).

Eight drawings of the same character drawn in different artstyles, with each drawing having a background color that forms a rainbow when all eight are shown together. The character is named Yorkie, she has pale skin and brown hair, thick eyebrows and messy long hair with bangs that cover one eye. She has a collarbone tattoo that reads quote I LOVE WOMAN unquote and main earrings. she's wearing a pink and white striped top with a leather jacket on top of it. under each illustration is the name of the person who's artstyle is being mimmicked, from left to right top to down, it's quote my own art style unquote echobsilly, rockabillybun, asteriddled, kiwicartwheels, purinblood, hellonessa94, and cherryberryarts.

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