Miracle Ethereal Reference

Finished June 2021. Made using Procreate, and Clip Studio Paint.

Miracle as a character I initially envisioned being a one off thing for Dungeons & Dragons or some game like that. I soon realized though that both: none my friends were interested in playing Dungeons & Dragons at that time, and also I had started thinking of her in a linear story way... So I ended up using her for a typical storyline.

Miracle is a "heaven born angel", which in the context of the story means she didn't live on earth and die (therefore becoming an angel), she was never a human. She comes from a long line of "heaven born" angels, and she's really interested in earth culture and humans in part because of this lack of connection most other angels have. With this interest in mind, she decides that she wants to live on planet earth. She gets a roommate named Sharla who knows she's an angel. The story I envision for them is just them slowly falling in love while wacky fish out of water type stories ensue.

I don't intend to make anything with Sharla and Miracle "long-term" (i.e. I just like thinking of them occasionally but have no plans to persue making an actual comic or consumable form of media with them, I just draw illustrations for them from time to time).

a character reference sheet for a character named miracle ethereal. she's 31, and is shown in 2 outfits. in all of them, she has brown skin and dark brown eyes, black eyebrows, and gold hair which is straight and long, she has a widows peak. from left to right, on the left she's shown in her underwear (not in a sexualized way, just to show what her bodytype looks like) which is a white lack bra, and thong, she has pearl necklaces on, and has gigantic angel wings and a white halo. in the outfit on the right, she's wearing a brown turtleneck with a coral cardigan that has a smileyface and heart pin on it, along with a cross necklace. she also has a fannypack with a bear on it, and a green plaid pleated skirt with a lace underskirt. she also has biker gloves, and multicolored bracelets on one hand (the gloves are on both hands though). she has white socks, with pink slides. she's smiling warmly in both of them

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