Finished June 2019. Made using Blender.

When I originally posted this art piece to social media, I gave it the description "a character from a story I'll never make", and that's still true!

The story takes place during the zombie apocalypse, I imagine it as a rhythm game. Getting into why I wouldn't ever make this story: I don't feel like I can do the zombie genre justice because I'm not a fan, and also I have no idea how to make a rhythm game. Aside from this, I also am not all that interested in going the places this story feels it would go.

As much as I say this, I have a lot of endearment towards these characters that I've created, which is why I decided to 3-D model some of them. This character is named Mayuree, she fulfills the niche of a medic character. She uses her rollerskates to rescue people while her girlfriend kills the zombie hoards.

a 3d model turnaround of a character with pale skin, and black hair worn in two buns, and straight across bangs. shes wearing black sunglasses, and hair blue eyes peaking out from underneath. she has cartilidge earrings on both ears, and a black chocker along with a black tanktop. she wears a blue and pink windbreaker that has a patch on the left arms sleeve that says quote saviors unquote with an anime eye drawn on it. she has baggy cargo pants that are camo print, and pink and blue rollerblades. her left leg is a pink prosthetic. she has a neutrally stoic expression and black lipstick, and is posed with one hand on her hip. she also has black nailpolish on her fingernails

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