Kids on an Adventure

Finished September 2019. Made using Blender.

I've had a lot of stories in my mind over the years, and obviously I hope make many of them in readable chronological storytold ways. The I would like to make the most is this one.

Even when I was a kid myself, the characters I made were always adults. I was one of those kids that wanted to grow up into a teenager fast. So a few years back, I was questioning "I wonder what would happen if I tried to make a story with children main characters"... and I guess it was a good idea, because I ended up becoming really attached to the story that I came up with.

I don't wanna spoil too much, because like I said I'd really like to make this story "for real". But I will share that the characters here are named Elliot (wearing the red plaid) and Anthony (wearing glasses). Anthony is known as the artsy kid, meanwhile Elliot plays on the soccer team. They've been best friends their whole lives because their parents are friends.

a turnaround of two 3d models. theyre both kids, the kid to the left is named elliot, she has blonde hair and pale skin with lots of freckles. she has green earmuffs, and a red plaid winter coat. black pants, and green shoes with snowshoes attached. the kid on the right is named anthony, and he has brown and hair and brown skin. he has circular glasses on, a big yellow backpack along with a blue cloak, darker blue snowpants, and white snowboots.

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