Sharla Style

Finished November 2020. Made using Clip Studio Paint.

At the end of 2020 I switched from using Paint Tool Sai (which I had used since 2011) alone, to using Clip Studio Paint. I fell in love with the brushes CSP has to offer. As a way of getting comfortable with the program, I was doodling a lot of close-ups of faces.

I really love my characters Sharla's fashion sense, so I made these two in that timeframe. I was remembering this eyeshadow palette I had bought at Claire's when I was about 10 that was supposed to make a rainbow gradient look, oh and the Ken doll earrings she has are based off a childhood Ken doll I had (still have!). I enjoy the variety that Sharla is allowed to have since she changes her hair and look so often.

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two illustrations side-by-side of the same girl, she has dark brown eyes, and pale skin. On the left illustration, she has pink and blue hair with brown roots that have being grown in. Her hair is short above the shoulder, and she has straight cut bangs. She's wearing green eyeshadow, and black lipstick on the top lip, but just lipgloss on the bottom. She has statement earrings of  blonde male doll heads. On the right illustration, she has orange hair with the same brown roots growing in. Her eyeshadow is a rainbow starting with pink on the left fading through the entire rainbow to purple on the right. She has red lipstick. On her right ear she has a sun earring, and on the left ear she has a moon earring.

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