Do I Creep You Out?

Finished March 2020. Made using Clip Studio Paint, and Blender.

This piece was done right as the pandemic started affecting my life in big ways. I was thinking a lot about everything that I missed, concerts, hanging out with friends, enjoyable things to look forward to.

Within the same period of time I also was listening to Black Dresses all the time because I just found the music the month before, and as timing would have it they released a single around that same time.

With all of this in mind, I ended up drawing this piece of my character Bolton performing a concert. I often times grill over the details in my work (rendering the grommets on boots, giving a characters t-shirt an ultra specific texture) But for this piece I decided to relax a bit.

I specifically wanted to go for a sort of "cel animation" look. I did the whole thing in Clip Studio Paint, but then I imported it into Blender. In Blender I made them plane geometry layers, and used the lighting to try and sell that slight distance between the cel, the paint, and the background that you see in cel animation.

Since I was listening to Black Dresses, I decided to have Bolton singing some of their lyrics. Obviously in universe she wouldn't be singing this... unless I guess they had a for funsies day where they tried their hands at some covers!

an illustration of my original character bolton. she's leaping into the air, smiling wide while saying

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