OC Crossover

Finished July 2022. Made using Clip Studio Paint.

I've participated in a yearly art event called ArtFight since 2020, if you'd like to learn more you can read the official page describing how the event works, but the important part to know moving forward is just that you draw things for other people (including: your friends! if you choose to).

This comic I drew for my good buddy Rocky! He has a cool character I like a lot named Damien, and if you ask me? One of the most fun things you can do when you have a friend that has a original character.... is to draw that character with your OWN original character(s)!! So I took the opportunity with ArtFight 2022 to draw Damien meeting my character Bolton, and her bandmates.

Rocky has an AU where Damien is also in a band, so it only made sense to have his band and Titty Pimple collaborate. 😈

I also had just bought some True Grit Texture Supply goods, so I took the opportunity to try out KraftTone. I had a lot of fun mixing colors together.

To learn more about Bolton, click here!

To learn more about Rocky's character Damien, here's Rocky's art page!

a comic. panel 1: ashleigh (character with brown skin and pink hair in locs thats pulled up) smiles pointing to damien (character with pale skin, 5 oclock shadow, and orange/red hair cut short. he has a scar on his left eyebrow and is wearing a tshirt that says quote titty pimple unquote) who looks nervous. ashleigh says quote hey uh, that guy from immoral standing is here. unquote  panel2: a reverse shot of two girls. bolton (character with middle brown skin and orange hair, worn messy where you cant see her eyes through her bangs, and long enough to reach passed her shoulders, she's wearing a tie dyed colorful shirt and pink pajama pants, and is holding a bass guitar) looks surprised, while monster (character with pale skin and a brown and blue pompadour styled hair. she's wearing a gray sports bra and blue fuzzy shorts, and is holding a guitar) looks boredly as she sits on the couch. bolton exclaims quote your shirt! unquote. panel 3: small panel of damien exclaiming quote oh yeah i! unquote panel 4: damien looking down nervously as he continues quote i saw your show last year when you played in cali! and was like -- i can't miss seeing a band called fucking Titty Pimple!? and then i was like.. damn! these bitches can shred!! unquote. panel 5: damien looking very nervous as all the girls look at him blanky. he thinks to himself quote oh jesus. that was way too forward. unquote. panel 6: bolton blankly looking at damien who is extremely nervous, bolton just says quote dude... unquote. panel 7 (final panel): bolton looks excited and happy and grabs damiens hand. damien looks relieved and excited too. bolton says quote hell yeah! that's the best! that makes me soo happy! i'm so pumped to collab! unquote and damien responds quote woo! unquote

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