Finished January 2022. Made using Clip Studio Paint.

When I very first got into drawing, I really focused on drawing Chibis (which if you don't know, is a form of artstyle with exaggerated proportions). Over the years though, I ended up getting interested in other things.

I'd tried a few times drawing Chibis since then, but every time I'd get too focused on the anatomy of it all (which misses the point).

At the beginning of 2022, I found this art book that had been a proponent of me getting into making art in the first place. The art is all very classic early 2000s Shojo. In reexamining it, I realized what I liked about chibis, and I ended up compiling a list of all of the traits that I liked. And I'll came this!

Things such as the lines don't taper, the big ol' shiny eyes, the legs tapering outwards.. all things I find so endearing and I tried to give justice to.

A chibi of a girl with middle brown skin, and bright orange hair. She's holding the guitar pick proudly in the air while the other hand is on the fretboard of the bass guitar. She's very proud looking smiling largely. She has thick brimmed glasses, a baggy white T-shirt that says i Heart woman, red and white heart print boxers, and plain crew socks. The strap of her guitar has the trans pride flag on it.

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A chibi of a girl with brown hair and pale skin. She's standing plainly with one hand on her hip and smiling. She's wearing a band T-shirt that's black that has red text on it that says quote titty pimple unquote White and red boxers, and has a bruise on her right knee with a red Band-Aid on top of it. She also has several ear piercings on an ear that we can see. her hair is very long going down to her feet, and she has one bang that's like a curtain which makes it so we can only see one of her eyes.

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