Buddie and Beverley

Finished November 2019. Made using Paint Tool Sai.

I've always loved mystery games like Ace Attorney or Danganronpa. At some point I thought it would be really fun to have a story like that of my own, and so I started thinking of the character Buddie (on the right). when I did this, I knew I wanted her to have a partner, but I didn't know what vibe to go for so I asked my best friend Lexi to design somebody, and she really did an amazing job! She designed Beverley (who you see on the left), and the premise has become that Buddie is a homicide detective, meanwhile Beverley is the owner of a billiards bar, they're on-again off-again girlfriends.

I'd love to make a point and click adventure game where you solve murders and see their story unfold, but in the meantime I like making moody illustrations, such as this one.

My best friend Lexi's original design/drawing of Beverley.

two women in a car at night. outside there are many cedar trees, and a starry sky with the cresent moon. the woman on the left is named beverley, and has brown skin and dark brown eyes, her hair is a dark purpley blue thats curly and long. shes wearing a black strapless dress, and gold jewelry. she has a green jacket slumped over her shoulders. she's pouting. the woman to the right named buddie, has pale skin and red hair styled back with pomade and a scar on her right eyebrow. she has hairy arms. shes wearing a white tank top, and is smoking a cigarette. beverley is saying quote i thought you were quitting unquote in reference to buddie smoking. buddie responds quote i am. just not today unquote

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