Finished September 2021. Made using Clip Studio Paint.

The whole appeal to me of Yorkie and Bolton as characters is that they're very tender. They're really lovey dovey and I love indulging in that sort of romance. The act of taking care of each other's hair is some thing that I really think it's adorable, and I often think of Bolton and Yorkie braiding each other's hair, so I was like hey... I should draw that!

I think their friends are aware of the fact that they do this often, and if they see both of them wearing braids they know that they were having a fun time hanging out together.

I don't have too much to mention about the process of making this piece. The only thing that comes to mind is that I didn't know what to put on Bolton's shirt, so I asked my best friend Lexi for advice, and she told me to just put what I had on my own shirt on Bolton's.

I was wearing my Black Dresses T-shirt at the time, which unintentionally created a connection with this other piece of Bolton. I also forgot Yorkie's knuckle tattoos when I initially finished it so i had to add them in later, oops!

An illustration of two women, with one braiding the other's hair. They are both smiling & the illustration is intended to excude a calming comfy aura. The woman who is having her hair braided (named Bolton) has a light brown complection, & messy orange hair. She has thick brimmed glasses and is wearing a Black Dresses band tshirt. Her expression, while happy, is also bashful. The woman braiding her hair (who is named Yorkie), has a pale complection and brown hair, that is already in a braid, implying Bolton had braided it before the illustration takes place. Her expression while happy, is also a little dreamy.
They are having a conversation with Bolton saying, quote Is it weird I still get all bashful when we do tender stuff like this? unquote Yorkie responds, quote No, I think that's beautiful Bolton. And anyways, I'm the same way unquote Bolton responds, quote Okay, cool. unquote and in a smaller voice, quote I love you. unquote Yorkie responds, quote I love you too! unquote

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