Bolton Mishra Reference

Finished June 2022. Made using Clip Studio Paint.

Since I've already discussed Bolton as a character in other places (see link below ;)) I'll take the opportunity to instead talk about my thoughts going into designing her.

I originally made her when I was 11, and the entire idea was just her fulfilling the role of a significant other for Yorkie. Because I was 11, I took the opportunity to add in a lot of traits that I found attractive at that age, which for me at that time was her red hair, and glasses. Her original design from that time didn't have her bangs covering her eyes, but I wanted her to have that trait (something I've always also found attractive). At the time though, it was 2010 and Panty & Stocking was very popular, and I was worried I'd be called a copycat, seeing as Brief also has orange hair with a similar hairstyle.

Before designing her, I had already decided on the name "Bolton" I thought I was very clever for having a lightning motif (Get it??? lightning BOLT?? Eleven year old me was proud). Otherwise I gave her some very basic jeans, and some yellow shoes to match the lightning bolt. As you can see, because I was 11 the thought process was pretty shallow.

Fast forwarding to 2019 when I revamped her design though, I obviously decided to keep a lot of these traits. I made the jeans more ripped to emphasize her punk band member vibe, and the combat boots are meant to serve for that purpose as well (they're made to look like the style of combat boot I wore religously for several years). I made her shirt into a crop top and also a ringer tee because I thought it looked nice (maybe I haven't changed too much in those years after all). The suspenders underneath looked really cute and very anime-y (seeing as 11 year old me was majorly inspired by anime, it felt right). Since I can draw more than one body-type now, I had to decide on that, and I went with this thin angular sort of look. I enjoy drawing the way her limbs are thin, but don't taper.

Speaking to where her fashion sense has landed in general, when I'm making outfits for Bolton I often think about how she values comfort a lot. She puts effort into her looks, and she's good at coordinating, but since she often touring (which is very tiring), she wants something comfy and cozy to wear. She's all about big t-shirts (often Yorkie's), big fuzzy fleece pants. She also leans a little collegiate, think pleated skirts, suspenders (OVER her shirt this time), or sweatervests. Lots of plaids and patterns for her as well, all with her punk fashion flair.

A digital illustration character reference sheet. The characters name is Bolton, she uses she/her pronouns, and is born January 1996. She's shown in four outfits. in all of them, she has middle brown skin and is a tall and skinny girl who has bright orange belly button length hair. She has long bangs that cover her eyes, and overall her hair is very layered and messy in a stylish way. The outfit on the left is her in her undergarments (not in a sexualized way, just to show how her bodytype looks) she has red and white heart print boxers, and a black lace bra. It also shows that her eyes under her bangs are green, and that she wears black thick rimmed glasses. that outfit second from the left has her in a black and light green T-shirt with a lightning bolt in the center. She wears suspenders under the shirt, and baggy extremely distressed jeans. She also wears black very well worn combat boots. The outfit to the right of that is her in rollerblading attire, A helmet that has a blue mohawk attached, a muscle tank with an anime girl drawing in the center of the anime girl saying quote this sucks! unquote She has elbow and knee pads, light green shorts, and roller blades that are blue orange and light green. The outfit on the far right is a baggy T-shirt that's white that has a bear disco dancing with the word quote  quote fuck! unquote On the Bears stomach. Pajama pants that have skulls, bones, hearts, and the word punk written across them. She's wearing the same combat boots as in her second outfit. to the right of these outfits is a bass guitar that is orange and yellow, and has a trans pride flag guitar strap attached to it.

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