Finished May 2022. Made using Paint Tool Sai, and Clip Studio Paint

As Bolton and Yorkie are my main interest, I've developed a lot about Bolton's band (and the story at large). The band is named Titty Pimple, and besides Bolton, I knew the band would be all women. Bolton was set to play bass, and my best friend was nice enough to at my request design a character, and the character she had designed played guitar and sang, so I knew that I should add a drummer.

Those ideas culminated into becoming Ashleigh, she plays drums, but she's never been in a band before (she's only done it as a solitary hobby before). So she's very excited to be in the band! She's a very "serene" person, she's very actualized. She's the kind of person who knows when she needs a good cry, or knows when she needs to reach out to others. She finds joy in the chaos of touring, and enjoys the friendship she has with the other girls. She's also very into knitting and sewing, and often pushes for the band to have a more over the top appearence.

I also got into the concept of her having a boyfriend that is more ""exaggerated"" in art style (I ended up landing on him having a little bit of a "Animal Crossing Villager" sort of look to his face) compared to everyone else to exemplify how the mostly sapphic band sees him. I wanted to make something of the phenomenon I've seen where alternative girls have very plain boyfriends, I find it really endearing. Her boyfriend and she are also meant as a contrast to Yorkie and Bolton. Yorkie and Bolton are very clingy with eachother, Bolton would never go on a tour without Yorkie, and for them this works very well. Meanwhile Ashleigh and her boyfriend are extrmely close and loving, but do well with having their own lives. Yorkie lives on the tourbus the entire time Bolton does, meanwhile Ashleigh's boyfriend will live on the bus for stretches of time and then go back to doing his own thing, waiting for Ashleigh to finish the tour and come back. I've had a fun time writing different relationship styles!

An illustration of a girl and her boyfriend on a walk during the fall. The girl has brown skin, and pink hair that's being worn in locs that go just passed her shoulders. She has well done make up, and is wearing a flowy armed blouse under a black band T-shirt. She has a maroon plaid pleated skirt, that has suspenders that she's not currently using, so they instead falling down to each side of her hips. She has multiple bracelets on her left arm, and one silver ring on her left hand's middle finger. She also has pink legwarmers, and black combat boots (which have green laces). She's smiling subtly. Her boyfriend has middle brown skin, and dark brown straight hair that's cut short. He's wearing a light gray pullover, and has a black messenger bag. He has black and white basketball shorts, and Converse shoes that are also black and white. hes smiling wide. The scenery around them is of a sidewalk along side of street where there's beautiful orange and red trees that have lost some of their leaves to create piles of leaves around them, some birds are flying out of one of the trees

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