List of known site issues:

Key: 🔴 = highest priority. 🟡 = will be fixed, but not right now. 🟢 = was recently fixed.

🟢 Fixed 5/11/23, Individual pages have been changed from here).html TO here).html (the same has been done to fanart). There are currently redirects in place to help with migration to this new link format, but such redirects will be taken down in a few months. When trying to access the Original Art or Fanart pages, an error occurs due to neocities (seemingly) thinking the user is trying to access the folder which shares the same name.
The folders will be renamed, and all links will be changed to the new folder name soon.
🟢 Fixed 5/11/23, Visit it here! My Splatoon character page is currently inaccessible so I can update it (both make it easier to load, and add new images).
🟡 Ashleigh (art piece) has a padding/margin problem on the bottom of the corkboard section.

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