Toriel & Frisk

Finished December 2019. Made using Paint Tool Sai.

This piece is a redraw of a drawing I did in 2015, right after UNDERTALE first released.

Toriel is my favorite UNDERTALE character, and got into that place in my heart very quickly. The first time I played the game I so horribly didn't want to leave the Ruins, and so when I was done with the game, I drew some things of Frisk hanging out with Toriel as if they'd never left.

The thing that prompted this redraw though, was that on a random Sunday in 2019, a flood of feelings I forgot I had about UNDERTALE come back to me. I hadn't played deltarune yet, and the series had fallen into feeling very impersonal to me after it blew up. In the face of a phenomenon, I'll often forget what silly and personal things I feel. And thankfully, after playing deltarune and events like the 5th anniversary concert, I was able to reconnect with my personal feelings about the series and have fun with it.

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fanart of two characters from the video game undertale, the characters being toriel and frisk! frisk is clinging onto toriel - who is holding them in her arms. theyre both happy and smiling.

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