A Shep to Hug

Finished November 2021. Made using Blender, Plushify, and uh, Sherpa (brown fabric), pleather (nose), fleece (everything else), needle and thread.

Shep is my favorite Animal Crossing villager. He first lived in my town in Animal Crossing New Leaf, having moved to my town from a friend's (who was sad to see him go.. one of New Leaf's flaws is the way villagers you don't want to move often do without consulting you).

Prior to then, I had a variety of favorites, Merry, Whitney, and Stitches, for example were some I'd name as a kid. During New Leaf, I'd formed strong bonds with Bluebear (who still lives in my New Leaf town to this day, and moved in sometime in 2013), Savannah, Flora, and Chrissy... but none of them felt like my favorite! I loved spending time with them, and I'd be heartbroken if they moved, but they didn't feel like a "favorite".

Shep came to fill that role. I've always loved characters who have their eyes obscured, especially if it's by their bangs. If there's a character who has that trait within a cast of characters? They're more often than not my favorite character in whatever it is. And uh, that became true with Animal Crossing in Shep.

A screenshot I took when Shep first showed up to my campsite in New Leaf. Dated June 15, 2018.

By the time New Horizons came out, I had gotten Shep's Amiibo Card and I had him move in as soon as I could. His house has always been placed directly next to mine so we're neighbors, and at time I'm writing this description, I've gotten his Villager Photo 8 times.... which should give you some frame of reference on how much I like this silly little guy!

Two of my friends and I visiting Shep on his Birthday!

I've hoped for Shep merchandice, but it occured to me at some point that it was unlikely they'd make something like a larger plushie. So I took it upon myself! I've never made a plushie before (though I do a lot of sewing, making garments and whatnot), so it was a learning experience.

I had found out about Plushify, which allows you to upload a 3d model, and make a sewing pattern out of it. So I made a 3d model of Shep (a little chunkier than the in game model, so he'd be a cuddly plush), and Plushify worked perfectly for me.

I prefer sewing with a sewing machine, but sherpa (the brown material that makes up the majority of Shep) is stretchy in a way that makes it hard to sew small details with a machine (for me), so I sewed him by hand.

The only part sewn by a machine is his nose, which was using pleather, and fleece. His shirt is removable, so if I'd like to make him more in the future I'll be able to (the I ♥ WOMAN shirt is a design I have in New Horizons, that I often see my villagers wearing). Unlike the 3d model, his real life plushie has a tail, and under his bangs are eyes (see gif to the right).

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a photograph of a sewn shep plushie. he's made of very soft materials (brown sherpa, and fleece otherwise) he's embrodiered to have a smile on his face, and has a white tshirt that says quote i heart women unquote

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Me holding Shep to contextualize the size., the web is yours! Made with love This site is not indended for children This is an Anti-NFT, and Anti-AI Art site!

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