Finished November 2019. Made using Paint Tool Sai

It's very easy to love Peropero Sparkles, and needless to say I love them! Although I love them though, at this point in my art I wasn't drawing much in the way of mascot proportions, so I decided to combine them with my interest in lolita fashion.

I streamed myself working on this piece on picarto, and I only had one person show up. I'm often very scared of putting myself out there, in the chance of being rejected. So off the heels of the picarto expierence, I felt a little fearless in the "Well, I already failed here. Can't really fail more!" way, which gave me the guts to tag Yurie Sekiya, the artist behind Peropero Sparkles, in the piece on Instagram (the platform I follow her work on).

To my shock, she saw it and added it to her Instagram story.

Thank you to my best friend Lexi for the translation! And THANK YOU to Yurie Sekiya for making Peropero Sparkles and giving my silly fanart a glance!

drawn fanart of melo and cune from peropero sparkles. they're both standing and smiling neutrally, showing off their outfits. they've been given more humanoid proportions, while retaining the usual look to their faces. melo wears a  blue peterpan collar under a green sweatervest, with a pink buttonup that has heart buttons on top. she also has a blue balloon hemmed skirt, yellow and white striped tights, and green shoes that have bow detailings. melo wears a yellow, blue, and coral dress that has long sleeves and 33 tiers of petticoat at the bottom. she also has blue maryjane shoes.

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