The last one up at the sleepover.

Finished March 2021. Made using Clip Studio Paint.

I will forever be greatful for what Mystery Skulls Animated unlocked in me artistically. The first video, Ghost came out when I was 15. I watched the video after a friend of mine sent it to me on Halloween of 2014, another friend and I were having a sleepover and we watched it together.

Over the course of the next few months, I got progressively more and more into this four minute music video until it was my main interest. Internally I was having the time of my life, but externally I didn't have the words yet to explain to my also teenaged peers why this video took up so much of my brain.. especially given the context that my previous big interests were things like, 30 hour mystery games! It was a big departure!

Even now, it's hard to explain, because there's no singular thing to point to. It was the way it was directed to the music so perfectly, it's the way the characters are given personality and depth without saying a word, it's the fact there was enough of a story for me to get hooked, but enough unexplored space for me to create my own ideas as well... etc, etc, etc.

Most of all though, at the time, seeing as the series was new, there wasn't much fan made content available... or content in general really! So if I wanted some obscure idea? I couldn't look it up and someone would have made it already, I had to make it, and that meant that I had to get better at making art.

So anyways, this piece. This is a redraw of something I did November of 2015. The only addition is that Mystery is here now. I figured out how to draw dogs in the time between 2015 and 2021.

What prompted me to redrew this (aside from the fact I still have a lot of love for the series) is that I still see the Mystery Skulls Animated art I made as a teenager getting notes on Tumblr, and it's all really close to my heart. It makes me smile to think that current day MSA super fans can find my old stuff from when I myself was fully encompassed in my interest of the series.

I hope they're all having as much fun as I did back then!

drawn fanart of the characters lewis, vivi, mystery, and arthur from mystery skulls animated. lewis, arthur and mystery are asleep, while vivi is awake and holding up her hands in peace signs, seemingly feeling victorious for staying up while the others fell asleep. they're all sitting in a sort of pile like they had been watching a movie or spending time together in some way akin to that previously.

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