Happy Birthday Marron Cream!

Finished June 2023. Made using Clip Studio Paint.

I've already spoken to my love for the Sanrio character Marron Cream (see link to other art piece below), but the short version is: I think she's neat!

Her birthday is May 31st, and I decided to make this artpiece in honor of her birthday (though I finished it June 2nd, two days after). I think of Marron Cream as very elegant, so I wanted to play up that trait. The bear and bunny friends she has with her are from this plushie. I imagine the pink bunny is saying something to the effect of: "Do you need anything else Ms. Marron Cream?"

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drawn fanart of marron cream (a sanrio mascot character who is a bunny). She's holding a teacup, and is sitting in a wicker peacock chair smiling happily. She has three friends with her, one is a small bear who is holding a teakettle up to her, and the second is a small bunny who is smiling happily, and the third is a white dove sitting on the top of the chair, holding an olive branch in their beak. The vibe is very serene, and Marron cream is wearing elegant clothing.

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