Finished December 2019. Made using Blender.

Marron Cream is a character created by Sanrio, who you may know as the company behind Hello Kitty and other such characters.

Marron Cream is by far my favorite Sanrio character. I first learned of her by spotting a plush of her at a local specialty shop, and it was love at first sight. Her design was immediately so endearing to me.

In 2019 I 3d modeled her, and rendered this illustration. I gave her some rockin' Demonia esq boots because I thought she'd look cute in them!

My personal Marron Cream collection:

3d modeled fanart of the character marron cream, who is a cream colored bunny who stands on two feet. she's shown in three poses showing of her outfit which is a rainbow dress, with a white double V shaped collar, and a white bow in the back. she has black combat boots on that have silver metal detailing on them, and white frilly socks. she's smiling happily!

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