Bunnysuit Haruhara Haruko

Finished February 2022. Made using Paint Tool Sai and Clip Studio Paint.

FLCL is one of my favorite anime. I didn't find it through Adult Swim as many people did (I wish I'd found out about it that way, it sounds so cool to go in not knowing much), I just heard someone talking about it on social media when I was about fifteen.

On my first watch, I didn't like it much. I thought the animation and art direction was great, but I expected that from GAINAX. I loved how much ambience is added thanks to the soundtrack by The Pillows was. And ultimately, I ended up revisiting it half a year later with my motivation being the soundtrack.

On that rewatch, the show clicked with me. The way information is deposited was really intreguing to me as a fifteen year old, and has stuck with me to this day.

For my 23rd birthday, as a sort of present, my best friend Lexi watched FLCL with me, and that experience led to me making this illustration.

Note: If you haven't watched FLCL before, I suggest checking this page before watching, as the show covers sensitive themes. Also keep in mind, I've never watched "FLCL Progressive" or "FLCL Alternative" so I have no point of reference on those.

drawn fanart of haruko haruhara from the anime flcl standing looking at the camera with an angry smirk. she's wearing a playboy bunny style suit that she wears in episode 5, and is holding her bass guitar. there's orange smoke, and a sort of sunset in the background.

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