Finished October 2022. Made using Paint Tool Sai and Clip Studio Paint.

I was into Monster High before the dolls actually came out. I'd seen one of the webisodes playing while in the tweenaged dream store: Justice. I watched every episode of the show that was available, and in preperation of the dolls coming out I had my browser startup page the "coming soon!" Monster High landing page. I wanted to know as soon as they dropped so I could order my very own Frankie Stein doll (who was by far, my favorite character).

The dolls got revealed, and I went through with my plan. I got Frankie in the mail, but was immediately unnerved by the proportions of the body sculpt. I wasn't used to fashion dolls having removable hands (or much articulation at all, having grown up with Bratz and MyScene), and the whole sculpt felt so fragile to me. I was an overly anxious kid, so the thought of breaking this toy I cared about deeply bothered me.

I set Frankie aside in my Grandmother's doll closet (who collected Barbies) and that's where Frankie stayed, untouched, for years.

Now here's the funny thing, to back up a moment to before the dolls came out, when everything was new and it was just me liking the webisodes, 11 year old me realized that Monster High didn't have a wikia. I never contributed anything to a wikia before that (I used to love scouring them though) so I claimed the name and made one page (Frankie's), I wasn't qualified or knowledgable on anything in this sphere, I just thought it was odd it didn't have one.

a confirmation email for the creation of the monster high wikia

Okay so now fast forwarding to 2016, I remembered this looked up to see if the wiki the fanbase now uses is the same one I claimed the domain of, and sure enough it was the same one I "made". Though this being said, I don't deserve any credit seeing as it is what it is now thanks to contributors who put their time and energy into it, I just claimed the name and nothing else.

I still find it to be a fun anicdote, it's my one unique story about this series.

Okay so anyways, current day.
The signature Frankie I got the first day they were available to buy online back in 2010 is in my possession, alongside a new edition of the 2022 "Generation 3" release of Frankie... who is the subject of this art piece!

As soon as I got the new release of Frankie, I knew I had to draw them. I was so impressed at the build quality and overall wonderful design and execution of this doll.

2022 Frankie Stein (left) and 2010 Frankie Stein (right) on my shelf.

Image description: fanart of frankie stein from monster high. they are in their generation 3/2022 design. they're standing with a neutral smirk, looking to the left, posing dramatically like a model with their right leg bent high so as to put all their weight on their left leg (which is a prosthetic). there are lightning bolts in the background

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