Finished February 2021. Made using Clip Studio Paint, and Blender.

Some of the first anime I super adored I found through my local library's DVD collection, one of these shows was Azumanga Daioh.

Miss Sakaki has always been a favorite of mine, the way she's so tender and sweet really resonates with me. Around the time of drawing this, I reread through the manga, and reconnected with how much I love her arc as a character (and the series as a whole). I often have trouble figuring out how to let out my feelings of admiration when it comes to fictional media, and in this case I decided to let it out by making this piece which references several other Azumanga Daioh promotional images.I had a great time 3d modeling the Chiyo's dads shown here.

fanart of sakaki from the manga/anime azumanga daioh!
she's standing with a vacant expression, while quote chiyo's dad unquote cats are accented around her head. theresa blue sky background and a speach bubble saying  quote azumanga daioh the fanart unquote

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