New blog post: "Babbit (Kodocha) Plush Tutorial (+Sewing Pattern!)"!


For archival purposes, I've posted Hourly Comics Day 2017, 2018, and 2020, as blog posts. They were previously only shared on social media.


New blog post: "Artfight 2023 Roundup"!


A lot of things have been changed! The biggest change is that the entire site is now more usable on mobile devices. This especially includes individual art piece pages in the gallery. The footer and navigation bar have also been changed, one notable change of which is having my links to social media on the bottom of the page, as opposed to the top. I've also made a tribute page to one of my favorite pieces of fiction: Kodocha.


New fanart piece: "Happy Birthday Marron Cream!" Also I made the website for my friend's zine: 1 FREE 4TUNE (A Smile for Me 4th Anniversary Zine) check it out!


The links for art pieces has been changed in response to occasional errors due to the naming schemes. Also the "I love Splatoon" page has been overhauled!


New fanart piece: "The Mikuest Miku I Can Muster"


The blog main page has been changed to have stamps, and a birthday countdown! The sitemap also has been updated to have information of what is on each page. There's also small miscellanious changes to improve site usability.


Site usability on mobile devices has been improved!


New blog post: Short Story: "Reputation"


The entire site has been overhauled into a new style!! I've been working on this since...the last blog post actually! I've learned a lot since November 2020, and it became very difficult to update the site given the infastructure was getting older, and older.

So anyways, here's the biggest chanegs: my art has been moved from this main page to The Art Gallery, and each art piece now has it's own page with in depth descriptions and details!
The Guestbook has been merged with some other odds and ends in the Guestbook & more section. In addition, the visual flare of everything has changed across the entire site!

I'll continue working from here to make the site better and better, but this infastrucutre should be more future proofed (at least when compared to the last).


New blog post: "Hourly Comics day 2023" Also, I'm hard at work completely overhauling this site.


New blog post: "Talking for a Long Time About Chulip"


New blog post: "Hourly Comics day 2022" as well as readded Guestbook, added new artpieces onto mainpage, and updated About page.


New blog post: "Thinking about the "Splatoon" Series".


Updated some things (including adding new art to main page), made new blogpost "Artfight 2021 Roundup", and temporarily removed guestbook due to errors from the site provider.


New blog post: "Hourly Comics Day 2021!"


New blog post: Thinking about "But I'm a Cheerleader"


Made various small changes improving overall site experience, as well as overhauled the blog section into the Zonelets world!


Added a guestbook!


New blog post: First Diary!


Okay phew! This site is now more or less done -- I'd like to improve loadtimes, and maybe add some more nice aesthetic touches, but that's about it.
Please send me a message through my contact page if you encounter any major hiccups.

Newest art:

Happy Birthday Marron Cream!

Newest blog:

Babbit (Kodocha) Plush Tutorial (+Sewing Pattern!)

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